Thursday, 22 March 2018

The need for Mandatory Programming in Namibia's Basic Education Curriculum

African has been left far behind on industrial revolution; we imports all machineries and we became mere users… though very good users sometimes; we did little to manufacture and produce our own machineries even if raw materials used are available; We blame this on “bantu education”, “colonialism”, shortage of “energy/power” etc.; we spent and invest resources on acquiring of machines more than on venturing on how to make some; we have been relying on western for technical services until now… ever heard of an African company contracted to do work in Europe or America…? When they are here we mostly play role of labors…Anyway… Industrial revolution seemed to have passed and we have lost it… continue reading

Friday, 27 October 2017

Your Digital Footprint... How would it affect you?

In this era of booming social media, many peoples would care less on what they post, share, or comment on the social media platforms. Dr. Sadrag Shihomeka, a Lecturer at the University of Namibia in his public presentation (held 26th Oct 17) on "social media vigilantism" has stressed the issues of ethical use of the social media and the repercussion of one's trails on the social media. I would like to zoom a little bit on what or how one's trails or footprints can haunt him/her, block his/her potentials and ruin his/her professional reputation.

There is a growing trend of requiring job seekers to apply through web platforms  among the organizations. These organizations would ask the job seekers to provide their social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin) url/links in addition to their CVs. The reasons why organizations would like to scrutinize your social media life is because there is a link between how you behave of social media/online and how you behave offline. Even though some youth would often put disclaimers on their social media walls to say what they say on social media does not necessarily reflect their offline or 'real life', it would not be easy to convince someone that one's offline life would not overlap with online life  even though not necessarily 100%. Read more

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Welcoming the innovation by Namibia Business & Intellectual Properties Authority

It was pleasing to find that Namibia (not Nambia) Business and Intellectual Properties Authority (BIPA) has developed an online business registration platform. This is a right step into the right direction in response to the most anticipated e-governance, which should be explored for easier, fast and reliable service delivery between the government, its agencies and the public.

While BIPA should be congratulated for this development, they should also be advised to make the registration page secure, as in the mean time their registration page is not safe for users to fill in their information. Unsecure sites can easily be abused by cyber criminals who would find it easy to steal information of clients for abuse.

It was also noted that BIPA used a proxy  ( site for the registration platform, while BIPA might be sure of the security certificates of this proxy site, people who would want to register their business through this platform would not be sure of how secure their information would be.

BIPA should therefore consider making the registration page secure a top priority.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Namibia Internet Government Forum (NamIGF) and the Internet Society

There is light at the end of the tunnel... at least there are signals that Namibia is slowly but surely joining the international communities of Information Society. The first NamIGF meeting/gathering just took place (27-28 Sept 17), invitation was done through facebook, and it was at least interesting that the public responded though not sure whether the number turned up was below or above the anticipations. Bottom line is, it is a good development and the participants showed enthusiasm into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Namibian Chapter for the Internet Society has also been gaining momentum and it has played a pivotal role in realizing the NamIGF. While citizens are often inclined to think that any thing related to Internet may be reserved for those working in the ICT industries, it is important to note that digital literacy is the new functional literacy and one should not be a merely "spectator-ion" in the development of policies and legislatures pertaining the use of internet and related technologies in delivery of services between business, government and consumers.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Could the use of webinars be a solution to budget cut in delivering CPD activies

Continuous Professional Program initiatives can cost a lot of money when they are to be done in a traditional way. The cost of meeting venue, meals, transport for participants etc. can be high and might not always be afforded especially when may parts of the world are going through financial crisis...

Luckily, internet or technology can give us a solution, which, even though might not match the traditional ways of meeting, could at least be a far better alternative. I am talking about the use of we-conferencing, the modern one, by now known as webinars, where participants can make use of platforms such as Zoom or Adobe Connect to meet virtually.

Monday, 22 May 2017

A need for National "Cyber Disaster Risk Management" in Namibia...?

Source: The Hacker News

In an awake of ongoing and growing cybersecurity threat like the recent "wannaCry" ransomware; I came to think of whether the Namibian government has a system in place to respond to any eventuality. The South African Cybersecurity expert as was interviewed by the NBC National Radio indicated that the creators of the wannacry ransomware could care less about the African data, apparently because African do not have much reliance in data and it is less likely to make them pay the required ransom as they would rather just loose the data, this got me thinking:read more

NamBizOne... Where the hack is it?

Photo source: The Namibian NewsPaper

Being one of the person who always looking forward to new developments in the area of e-governance, it was exciting to learn that the Ministry of Trade Industrialization and SME Development has launched a business information portal. The Namibian Newspaper reported that international and local investors would now be able to access crucial information online through this portalread more

The need for Mandatory Programming in Namibia's Basic Education Curriculum

African has been left far behind on industrial revolution; w e imports all machineries and we became mere users… though very good users so...